Elegance - Simple and Elegant WordPress Theme

Elegance - Simple and Elegant WordPress Theme - Business Corporate Visit Our WebsiteFollow Us on ThemeForestFollow Us on TwitterFollow Us on FacebookElegance is a elegant, simple, clean and minimalist WordPress Theme suitable for portfolio, business, blogs and personal sites.Theme Update:07.29.2010 – Version 1.3Added blog and portfolio pagesFixed some minor bugsUpdated documentationand more…06.07.2010 – Version 1.2Fixed slider layout problemFixed menu top cssFixed some other minor bugsFixed logo image url problemUpdate Documentationand more…Main Features: HTML5 WordPress 3.0New Custom Post Type for SliderNew Custom Post Type for PortfolioNew Menu Manager4 Page TemplatesCustom WidgetjQuery CyclejQuery PrettyPhotoMulti Level Dropdown MenuCufon font replacementOption to use lightbox when clicking portfolio itemContact Page that compatible with Easy Contact pluginDocumentation and PSDs

RT-Theme 9 / Business Theme 5 in 1 For Wordpress

RT-Theme 9 / Business Theme 5 in 1 For Wordpress - Business Corporate \\\\ UPDATED : Version 2.3 | June 19, 2012RT-Theme 9 is best suited for business, corporate, service or portfolio websites.SkinsTheme comes with 5 premium skin options and you can easily modify or make your own skin by using sliced PSD files. Key FeaturesTwo Alternative Home Pages Remember that you can add unlimited boxes for each home page layout! Product Showroom You can publish unlimited products in unlimited product category. Supports unlimited photos, related products, word, pdf, excel and chart files for each product. Also you can create a custom sidebar for each product!Amazing Sidebar Tool (new option)You can create unlimited custom sidebars everywhere you want. For example you can create a new sidebar for a page, post or category or groups of them. You’re taking full control of your web site without touching codes.Widgetized SlidersA completely widgetized sliders, home page and sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme.Custom Admin PanelYou can manage all site with rt-theme admin panelTheme Features5 style optionsHighly CustomizableMany backend optionsWorpdress 3.0 menu supportWidgetized Sliders with unlimited slide supportProduct Showcase with tabbed product details3 Custom PluginUnlimited SidebarsUnlimited Product CategoryAdd/Edit Your Products via Wordpress Admin – Custom Product FormsUnlimited Portfolio CategorySupports image,video or swf for portfolio itemsCustom Admin PanelSupports unlimited box on homepage with different variationsTwo different home page layoutAuto thumbnailsjQuery ImprovedValid MarkupCross browser supportIncluded all psds (sliced) & html version of the themeChangelogVersion 2.3 | June 19, 2012 * Fixed: Invisible Custom CSS Codes field problem in General Options when RT-Theme default menu tools enabled. * Fixed: pagination bug fixed for WP 3.4 Version 2.2 | May 28, 2012 * Fixed: home page link bug of breadcrumb menuVersion 2.1 | April 30, 2012 * Fixed: Typo fix in the .po file * Added: Turkish translation file * Added: Dutch translation file (by Paul Backus- http://backups.nl)Version 2.0 | April 16, 2012 * Added: Ability to add custom css codes via General Options * Added: Localization support / .po file included * Improved: Breadcrumb menu improved * Improved: Better thumbnail support, timthumb.php removed! * Improved: theme options, better plugin compatibility * Improved: WP 3.3.1 compatibility * Updated: jQuery, PrettyPhoto, Cufon, easing etc.Version 1.0.8 * Improved: Improved files for html validation issue. (template_blog.php, template_contact_us.php, single.php, search.php, archive.php, 404.php) * Updated: Cufon.js, Timthumb.php, PrettyPhotoVersion 1.0.7 * Fixed: Dynamic sidebar issue. (functions.php)Version 1.0.6 * Fixed: fixed issue when using custom links as a top level menu item on navigation (css/style.css) * Improved: contact_form.php * Fixed: Wordpress 3.1 compatibility issues (header.php, functions.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-box-widget.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-news-widget.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-slider-widget.php) * Fixed: Wordpress 3.1 compatibility issues related lightbox plugin (/js/scripts.js, /css/prettyPhoto.css, all files in /images/prettyPhoto/ folder) * Fixed: Character support issue /rttheme_options/rt_theme_functions.php * Other Improved Files: /rttheme_options/custom_form_2.php, comments.php, template_company_blog.php, functions.php, archive.php, search.phpVersion 1.0.5 * Added WP 3 menu support. These files has been changed and adapted WP 3.0 (header.php, footer.php, template_blog.php, template_product_list.php, template_portfolio.php - all files under rttheme_options folder) * improved (css/style.css - lines between 40-60, and .slide class on line 773)Version 1.0.4 * Fixed bug on "Show Slider Icons" option (js/script.js) * Fixed IE6 transparent.png bug (header.php) * Improved (template_portfolio.php) * Improved dynamic sidebars for pages (page.php) * Dummy content included (XML file)Version 1.0.3 * Fixed bug on "Don't Show Products On Start Page" option (template_product_list.php) * Improved - Custom sidebars (controlpanel7.php, rt_theme_functions.pgp) * Improved - (header.php)Version 1.0.2 * Fixed Slider timeout bug - (js/scripts.js) * Fixed contact us form bug - (contact_from.php, template_contact_us.php) * Improved - (header.php) THEME SUPPORT If you would like to receive support, please post on our forum at http://support.rtthemes.comYou will receive much faster support because we can easily see who needs assistance,and also you’ll be able to use search to see if your problem has been solved in the past and find a fix for it without having to wait.

QualiFire WordPress Theme

QualiFire WordPress Theme - Business Corporate The theme supports WordPress 3.4+Search Engine Optimization has been made a priority when designing the QualiFire theme. In the code hierarchy, the main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines.Preset Styles:Black |Red |Olive |Blue |Grey |Orange |Lavender |Tan |Midnight BlueSlider Demos:Slider 1 |Slider 2 |Slider 3 |No Slider OptionPremium FeturesQualiFire theme features many convenient options that will make customization easy and fun. The theme is widgetized and offers 9 preset styles to choose from.This theme is Internationalized (translation ready) – the theme has been updated to support translations in more than one language. We have included a (.pot file included to have the theme localized)Three Home Page SlidersYou will be able to upload and reorder slider images in the theme’s options page (View Screen Shot).Piecemaker Flash Slider – Customize every aspect of the slider via the theme’s options page, including being able to upload the slider images, reorder them (drag-and-drop), delete slides, choose from 40 different tween types, etc.jQuery Cycle Slider Full Width Image – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Slide link with the option to open in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.jQuery Cycle Slider With an Image, Text and Button – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Link button auto generated with the option to open the link in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.An additional “No slider” option has been added with the ability to add custom text in the place of the sliderCustom Widgets:QualiFire: Subpages – Displays a parent’s children pages. The parent is displayed as the title. This widget is handy if you have a lot of pages that would normally take up too much room in the sidebar, so you could use this widget to display a much shorter version of the menu in the sidebar showing just the descendant pages of the current page.QualiFire: Login Form – Displays a login in the sidebar. Users can login and logout directly from the sidebar without being redirected to the default WP login page.QualiFire: Custom Category widget – allows you to display a single category and all of its descendant categories respectively. This comes in handy for sections of the website such as the Portfolio or Blog/News, where you might want to narrow the categories displayed in the sidebar for the current section to be more relevant.QualiFire: Recent Posts – Display the most recent posts with teaser text, author and date info (optional), you also have the option to offset the displayed recent posts from the most current one, use this to omit the first 2 or 3 latest posts for example. In addition to that the widget allows you to select a specific category and all its descendants respectively.QualiFire: Google Map – Copy and paste your Google map code to display a Google Map in the sidebar (useful for the Contact page).Custom Widget AreasThere are 8 expandable widget areas. They are designed in a such a way to span the width of the page dynamically, e.g. if one column is deactivated, then the remaining columns will re-size to span the full width of the page, if let’s say only one column is active then it will span the full width of the page, etc. The remaining 4 static widget areas deal with the sidebars.Sidebar positionCould be set as left or right at any time from the theme’s Options page for each section (e.g. Portfolio, Blog, Contact page, etc.) independently.In the code hierarchy, the main content block is always placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines.Custom SidebarsThey go hand in hand with the available page templates (see below) and allow for customized look and feel for the various sections of the website. Available sidebars:Portfolio section sidebarBlog section sidebarContact page sidebarDefault page sidebarContact pagePre-formatted Business Contact Fields – that could be entered directly from the theme’s Options page. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the Option’s page as well. The Business Contact Fields provide a way to better display additional contact information such as Company Name, Address, Phone, etc.E-mail form:Phone number validation (North America format) that could be enabled/disabled from the theme’s Options page (disabled by default).Unobtrusive form validation (works with JavaScript ON or OFF )The contact form offers ReCAPTCHA for extra securityPortfolio sectionUse this area to assign Portfolio Categories to their respective Portfolio pages. Multiple portfolio sections.Thumbnail images are automatically generated Specify the number of items per pageAutomatic paginationOption to include/exclude date, post metadata and comments from the portfolio item’s individual postSidebar position controlTypographyRefer to the Typography page for examples.960 Grid systemThis theme has been designed with the help of the 960-grid system – more info hereUnobtrusive MenuWorks if JavaScript is disabled. Multi-level deep support.Page Templates:Portfolio page templateBlog page templateContact page templateFull-width page template (no sidebar)TranslationsMultilingual SiteThis theme is Internationalized (translation ready) – the theme has been updated to support translations in more than one language. We have included a (.pot file included to have the theme localized)Included Translations with the theme:Spanish Translation courtesy of Francesc SistachPortuguese (Brazil) Translation courtesy of Rodrigo Freitas DiasPaginationAdvanced paging navigation featuring WP-PageNavi plugin which is integrated into the theme, therefore there’s no activation process needed.Search Results Page Highlighted searched term in search results.ShortcodesRefer to the Typography page for examples.DocumentationHelp and extensive documentation is provided a click away with the theme’s options page UPDATES HISTORY :Version 1.3.0 – Updated: 02.07.2012Added : Custom CSS3 buttons with shortcodesAdded : Spanish Translation courtesy of Francesc SistachAdded : Portuguese (Brazil) Translation courtesy of Rodrigo Freitas DiasUpdated : prettyPhoto scriptUpdated : Removed the “Loading First Image…” text from Piecemaker slider PreloaderFixed : Small redirect issue with “QualiFire: Login Form” widgetFixed : Some minor bugsVersion 1.2.4 – Updated: 10.08.2011Updated : Included missing form validation strings from the Contact page for translation to the ‘qualifire.pot’ fileUpdated : prettyPhoto to latest version 3.1.2 with jQuery 1.4.4Updated : WP-prettyPhoto plugin automatic detectionUpdated : Timthumb script security updateVersion 1.2.3 – Updated: 08.08.2011Updated : Timthumb script security updateAdded : WPML xml file to enable theme options translationFixed : Display the post counts on the same line as the category/achive names (to the right of them) in the widgetsFixed : ‘itemDescription’ custom field translation problemVersion 1.2.2 – Updated: 24.04.2011Updated : WPML v2.2.2 compatibility updateAdded : Shortcodes for Dividers and Blockquotes/Pull-quotesVersion 1.2.1 – Updated: 20.02.2011Fixed : PHP 4 related error related to the “QualiFire: Subpages” widgetFixed : the issue of Titles not showing in IE 9 . It is a Cufon related update for file ‘cufon-yui.js’ version 1.09i, which is the same as 1.09 but IE9 -compatible. The affected file is ‘scripts/cufon/cufon-yui.js’Version 1.2.0 – Updated: 22.06.2011Added : Translations support. For those of you who downloaded the theme before June 22nd,2010 and would like to use the theme for multiple languages would have to download it again and use the most current version.Version 1.1.0 – Updated: 14.06.2011Added : This update adds support for the new WP3 .0 Menus system.Version 1.0.1 – Updated: 01.06.2011Fixed : This update fixes some bugs in relation to non-UTF-8 database collation WordPress installs or if you installed the theme on a non-English version of WordPress and also some minor CSS bugs.Follow Me on ThemeForest

Europa: Clean Business & Portfolio Theme

Europa: Clean Business & Portfolio Theme - Business Corporate Europa is an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of novelty, simplicity, elegance and function; designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site.Theme Features:Clean Minimal DesignPost Format Support (Asides, Images, Galleries, Quotes, Links, Standard, Audio)Google Web Fonts Support (400+ Fonts)Unlimited Portfolios, Lists and Blogs (Set Anything as a Homepage)Unlimited Colours (Body, Menu, Footer, Backgrounds, Links)Search Engine OptimizationTranslation Ready (contains .po/.pot file)5 Custom Widgets (Dribbble, Twitter, Flickr, Video, Contact Widget)“Just URL ” Video Hosters Support (Vimeo, Youtube, Blip, Dailymotion, Flickr, Hulu, Smugmug, Viddler, Qik Videos)Custom Menus & Featured ImagesSimple and Unbranded Theme OptionsContact Forms Style Support (Contact Form 7, Wp Clean Contact, Fast Secure Contact Form, Custom Contact Forms, CForms II)Smooth iPad Experience (iOS5 Tested)Fast, light, structured and commented code just waiting to be customised.

Centita - Minimalist Business Wordpress Theme

Centita - Minimalist Business Wordpress Theme - Business Corporate Centita is Wordpress Theme with minimalist and elegant look that suitable for your professional corporate website, easy to customize and rich of features.Features :Built with custom post typeCustom Page templates Custom Category templatesMany custom shortcodes with Built-in visual shortcode managerPortfolio page with Pop up Light (support for image and Video Source)8 Custom Vulcan Widgets (Support for Multiple Instance Widget)8 Widget PlacesBuilt in Ajax Contact Form with validationValid XHTMLGravatar SupportAuto Image ResizingCross Browser CompatiblePoweful Admin Theme OptionsXML sample data includedPSD Files includedWell Documented Changelog2.2 version (10/30/2012) :fixed google map shortcode issueupdated google map library to v3removed timthumb.php script functionality2.1 version (09/29/2011) :fixed slideshow custom permalink issuefixed broken installation with the child themeremoved unecassary theme filesupdated timthumb.php fileHTML VERSION AVAILABLE HERE

Simply Business - Wordpress

Simply Business - Wordpress - Business Corporate Simply Business WordpressSimply Business is a premium Wordpress theme designed for small to medium sized business’ that need to expand their online presence. Simply Business is the product of hundreds of hours of design, development, and user experience research resulting is a premium Wordpress theme that will allow you to fully customize what content is on your site while maintaining a professional look.HTML VersionYou can find the Simply Business HTML version here: http://themeforest.net/item/simply-business-html-small-business-template/85300FeaturesComplex cms functionalityAjax contact formFull widget supportShortcodesCustom widgets & shortcodesTestimonial custom post typePortfolio custom port typeRedesigned theme options panelUnlimited color combination’s w/ color picker toolCustom jQuery powered image sliderSearch engine optimized (SEO) design and code to help you increase search engine rankings.Support for Wordpress menusLightbox functionalityPagination supportMuch much more…Changelogv2.3.1 – 2/26/2013:[BUGFIX] fixed a bug that prevented the SB – Sub Navigation widget from displaying.v2.3 – 1/14/2013:[BUGFIX] fixed the broken Twitter widget by adding support for the new official Twitter.com widgets.v2.2 – 4/10/2012:[CHANGE] changed line height settings on all header tags.[BUGFIX] fixed an error that caused comments to display when disabled globally.[BUGFIX] fixed an error that in long blog titles from not displaying on the homepage.[BUGFIX] fixed an error that resulted in no primary or secondary text to display when one is left blank.[BUGFIX] fixed an error that resulted in content box 3 appearing on the homepage even when there is no content.v2.1 – 4/9/2012:[BUGFIX] fixed an error that resulted in the wrong default logo & favicon to display.v2.0 – 1/20/2012: [ADD] added the ability to upload a logo and favicon directly from the theme options panel.[ADD] added portfolio custom post type with custom backend and 3 template options.[ADD] pagination navigation added across the site.[ADD] added footer navigation.[ADD] added a color picker to all color select options in the theme options panel.[ADD] added lightbox functionality throughout the site with Slimbox 2.[ADD] added 8 highly customizable and well written shortcodes.[ADD] added 6 highly customizable and well written widgets.[CHANGE] theme completely rewritten from the ground up to take full advantage of Wordpress v3.3.[CHANGE] fully redesigned theme options panel.[CHANGE] homepage slider now uses custom/optimized jQuery.[CHANGE] homepage content box 1 can now be driven by either the blog or a page. (Highly Requested Feature!)[CHANGE] testimonials are now handled via custom post type for optimal integration.[CHANGE] header and footer navigation is now controlled via the Wordpress menus manager.v1.4 – 2/19/2009: ajax contact form added.ordered list style bug fixed.search widget bug fixed.recent comments bug fixedv1.3 – 2/9/2009: error on first install bug fixed.v1.2 – 1/28/2009: content box 2 header bug fixed.minor visual tweaks.minor css bug fixed.v1.1 – 1/25/2010: many visual tweaks.added new option to enable/disable cufon font replacement.post thumbnails bug fixed.primary_text & secondary_text permalink bug fixed.corrected some minor template tag bugs.v1.0 – 1/23/2010: original release.

Multi-theme: 10 Colors - Business/Portfolio/Blog

Multi-theme: 10 Colors - Business/Portfolio/Blog - ThemeForest Item for Sale This theme is for business, portfolios, blogs, plain old CMS and just about anything else!10 Color schemes!Blue (deafult) | Orange | Lime green | Dark green | Charcoal | Gray | Pink | Navy blue | Red | BrownFeaturesSection specifically for portfolio itemsjquery slider to show off portfolio items10 great looking color schemes to suit everyone3 behaviours for the header (look at the screen shots)Drop down menu support for sub pagesStyling for all the default wordpress widgetsValid XHTML and CSS Theme customisation page in wordpress admin dashboardEasy to add Google AnalyticsIf you dont like the large header used on the home page, you can turn this off in the wordpress dashboard! It will become smaller and say ‘Welcome!’.SupportEmail support: I will help anyone who needs it via email as soon as I can.Skype support: If you use skype I can talk you through the setup and any other steps or issues.Documentation: Included in the download is a .pdf that explains in depth how to set up the theme, make blog posts and post portfolio items!Video walkthrough: I have recorded a video that shows how to set the theme up and use it. Here is a link to the video.Note: I didn’t create a form for the contact page because ‘Contact form 7’ wordpress plugin does a much better job than I could. Install this and use it for a ‘Contact us’ page.I have tried to cover every point in the documentation so NO ONE should have a problem setting this up and having a great wordpress theme!I have tested this site in IE6 , 7 and 8 | Firefox 2 and 3 | Latest Opera, Chrome and SafariWordpress 2.7 and 2.8Updates18 November 2009 (v3.4)The logo now works properly in IE7 15 July 2009Fixed plugin script not being includedFixed a portfolio category issueChanges made to theme customisation pageLists now styled properlyNo numbers next to commentsDocumentation now updated to reflect changeshttp://cssglobe.com/post/4004/easy-slider-15-the-easiest-jquery-plugin-for-sliding (visit here to do continuous automatic scrolling of the header)\\\\\\