Cool White WP CMS Theme 6 in 1 for cool websites

Cool White WP CMS Theme 6 in 1 for cool websites  - Business Corporate Updated On May 13th 2011Fixed Paragraph issueUpdated On September 19th 2010Simple and minimal Theme Options page redesigned from scratch to ease of use.thumbnail issue is solved, we used “Featured post thumbnail” for all thumbnail images entire the website.So from now onwards there wont be any timthumb issues, now all servers support thumbnails display.Video support for gallery page2 Portfolio page templates, Gallery, New, Testimonial and Contact page templatesShortcodes are addedNow it support all pluginsNow home page 3 content boxes icon can be changed easily.99% all issues which were raised on the message board are solved.Note for existing users: Please note that you will loose previously added thumbnail once you update this updated ( Cool v 3.0 ) theme, so you will have to add “Featured image” for all your thumbnail images once again.=============================================================you can view the live websites which are using this item: =========================================Updated on: 06-06-2010:1. Added 7 page templates like, 2Portfolio page templates, Blog page, News page, Testimonial Page and Contact Us page.2. Modified theme to support latest wordpress 3.0 menu system.=========================================Updated on: 04-03-2010:1. Massive updates has been done for theme options page.2. Now you are able to update every single piece of content can be edited from options page easily. 3. Updated latest timthumb script. coolWell organized “ADMIN OPTIONS PAGE ”, so every content in the website can be controlled from admin, you do not need to make changes manually.It comes with 6 skins and you can easily customize it to your liking colors as you will get layered psd files along with this item.Theme FeaturesValid XHTML and CSS 2 Portfolio pages Easy color switching from Options page The following can be controlled from admin options page: Left Category Menu Left Pages Links Contact Us Page Testimonial settings Facebook url Twitter url Home Page Content (3 boxes switching can be controlled from options page) Complete Footer Content and privacy links can be controlled from options page easily. Jquery Superfish Drop down menu ( multilevel sub menu ) Flashcu3er xml based flash sliderWell commented code for all pages.Layered PSD files for customization. Read me file included XHTML VERSION AVAILABLE HERE