RT-Theme 9 / Business Theme 5 in 1 For Wordpress

RT-Theme 9 / Business Theme 5 in 1 For Wordpress - Business Corporate \\\\ UPDATED : Version 2.3 | June 19, 2012RT-Theme 9 is best suited for business, corporate, service or portfolio websites.SkinsTheme comes with 5 premium skin options and you can easily modify or make your own skin by using sliced PSD files. Key FeaturesTwo Alternative Home Pages Remember that you can add unlimited boxes for each home page layout! Product Showroom You can publish unlimited products in unlimited product category. Supports unlimited photos, related products, word, pdf, excel and chart files for each product. Also you can create a custom sidebar for each product!Amazing Sidebar Tool (new option)You can create unlimited custom sidebars everywhere you want. For example you can create a new sidebar for a page, post or category or groups of them. You’re taking full control of your web site without touching codes.Widgetized SlidersA completely widgetized sliders, home page and sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme.Custom Admin PanelYou can manage all site with rt-theme admin panelTheme Features5 style optionsHighly CustomizableMany backend optionsWorpdress 3.0 menu supportWidgetized Sliders with unlimited slide supportProduct Showcase with tabbed product details3 Custom PluginUnlimited SidebarsUnlimited Product CategoryAdd/Edit Your Products via Wordpress Admin – Custom Product FormsUnlimited Portfolio CategorySupports image,video or swf for portfolio itemsCustom Admin PanelSupports unlimited box on homepage with different variationsTwo different home page layoutAuto thumbnailsjQuery ImprovedValid MarkupCross browser supportIncluded all psds (sliced) & html version of the themeChangelogVersion 2.3 | June 19, 2012 * Fixed: Invisible Custom CSS Codes field problem in General Options when RT-Theme default menu tools enabled. * Fixed: pagination bug fixed for WP 3.4 Version 2.2 | May 28, 2012 * Fixed: home page link bug of breadcrumb menuVersion 2.1 | April 30, 2012 * Fixed: Typo fix in the .po file * Added: Turkish translation file * Added: Dutch translation file (by Paul Backus- http://backups.nl)Version 2.0 | April 16, 2012 * Added: Ability to add custom css codes via General Options * Added: Localization support / .po file included * Improved: Breadcrumb menu improved * Improved: Better thumbnail support, timthumb.php removed! * Improved: theme options, better plugin compatibility * Improved: WP 3.3.1 compatibility * Updated: jQuery, PrettyPhoto, Cufon, easing etc.Version 1.0.8 * Improved: Improved files for html validation issue. (template_blog.php, template_contact_us.php, single.php, search.php, archive.php, 404.php) * Updated: Cufon.js, Timthumb.php, PrettyPhotoVersion 1.0.7 * Fixed: Dynamic sidebar issue. (functions.php)Version 1.0.6 * Fixed: fixed issue when using custom links as a top level menu item on navigation (css/style.css) * Improved: contact_form.php * Fixed: Wordpress 3.1 compatibility issues (header.php, functions.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-box-widget.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-news-widget.php, /rttheme_options/widgets/rt-theme-slider-widget.php) * Fixed: Wordpress 3.1 compatibility issues related lightbox plugin (/js/scripts.js, /css/prettyPhoto.css, all files in /images/prettyPhoto/ folder) * Fixed: Character support issue /rttheme_options/rt_theme_functions.php * Other Improved Files: /rttheme_options/custom_form_2.php, comments.php, template_company_blog.php, functions.php, archive.php, search.phpVersion 1.0.5 * Added WP 3 menu support. These files has been changed and adapted WP 3.0 (header.php, footer.php, template_blog.php, template_product_list.php, template_portfolio.php - all files under rttheme_options folder) * improved (css/style.css - lines between 40-60, and .slide class on line 773)Version 1.0.4 * Fixed bug on "Show Slider Icons" option (js/script.js) * Fixed IE6 transparent.png bug (header.php) * Improved (template_portfolio.php) * Improved dynamic sidebars for pages (page.php) * Dummy content included (XML file)Version 1.0.3 * Fixed bug on "Don't Show Products On Start Page" option (template_product_list.php) * Improved - Custom sidebars (controlpanel7.php, rt_theme_functions.pgp) * Improved - (header.php)Version 1.0.2 * Fixed Slider timeout bug - (js/scripts.js) * Fixed contact us form bug - (contact_from.php, template_contact_us.php) * Improved - (header.php) THEME SUPPORT If you would like to receive support, please post on our forum at http://support.rtthemes.comYou will receive much faster support because we can easily see who needs assistance,and also you’ll be able to use search to see if your problem has been solved in the past and find a fix for it without having to wait.